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Interior Design Companies In Nepal: Interior design is the combinations of art and science to enhance the interior design of a building or house in order to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing a sound environment for using the space. There is an interior designer who design, make plan, do research as well as helps in coordinate and manages projects.


There are so many companies which are available to provide the service of interior design. An interior design service includes so many things and some of them are as follows:


  • CAD drawings and space planning
  • Kitchen and bath design
  • Lighting design & resources
  • Color includes paint, wallpaper and fabric
  • Demo & internal construction of house
  • Plumbing & Electrical
  • Painting & Wallpapering of room
  • Flooring & Tiling
  • Muralists & Faux Finishers
  • General contractors for extensive renovation & additions
  • Place making
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Window treatments
  • Floor coverings includes rooms layout, maximizing room functions, color schemes, mood boards and fabric selection
  • Soft furnishing , curtains, cushions and accessories






In each and every field obviously there is always a completion which you can easily find and similarly in interior design companies also there are so many opportunities as well as challenges which you can find easily. These days’ people are being more conscious about the interior design of their house as well as office.


People want everything things to be looked in a perfect way or in an attractive look as well as beautiful look of the place where they spend time. There is a huge scope of an interior design company in Nepal as it is becoming more popular day by day.

Interior Design Services


Interior Design Companies In Nepal


An interior point is one of the trusted Interior Design Company in Nepal which had provided a service of interior design since 2006. They focus on providing an interior design as well as interior decorating Services and also it helps to provide a Prefab Solutions and furniture supply for the interior works.


It believes in working with the clients in order to develop new creative ideas, create attractive designs to build them and deliver customized interior design solutions for the client of it. There is an Interior Points Design’s expertise that will help a client to set apart from the rest. Interior Points has been providing an interior design, interior decorating Services from a long period of time.


It also provides design material supply and furniture supply for an interior construction works as well as it helps to create a design ideas, build and deliver customized interior design solutions. Interior Points is providing a full service architectural design firm providing innovative architecture design. interior point specializes in high end residential, hospitality and home construction design too as well as it offers to complete interior design service which includes all the services.

Kitchen Interior Design




Kitchen is one of a place of a house where we cook various kind of food as well as we have our food. Every place of a house should look attractive as other rooms of a house.


Now days with the ever changing lifestyle of a people, they are slowly shifting into a modular kitchen just for an elegant looks as well as the maximum utilization of available space in the kitchen in a beautiful and attractive way and it also helps to customized design of a kitchen or the overall utility of a kitchen.


Kitchen interior design are available in various material and design which helps to choose one of the best modular kitchens as well as kitchen interior design are stealing the hearts of so many people and it is growing very popular day by day as people are giving more priority to the design of house.